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Grants to USA Pre-K-8 Teachers to Purchase Pets and Aquariums for their Classrooms

Deadline 06/01/17

Grants to USA pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade classroom teachers in both public and private schools for funding to support the purchase and care of pets or aquariums to be used in their classrooms for the purposes of teaching children about responsibility in carinGrantWatch ID#: 176507


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Education, Workforce, Environment, and Commun...

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA nonprofits in multiple states for quality programs that focus on the areas of education, workforce development, environmental stewardship and responsibility, and/or community enhancement and development. Organizations must be located in the following stateGrantWatch ID#: 154350


Grants to Alabama Elementary and High School Educators for Agriculture-Related Classroom Pro...

Deadline 10/15/17

Grants of up to $500 to Alabama elementary, middle and high school teachers and others working in or with K-12 classes in public, private, or parochial schools for projects that incorporate agriculture into the classroom curriculum. Funds may be used for supplies and eqGrantWatch ID#: 177218


Grants to Alabama Nonprofits and Agencies to Promote Firearms Education, Sports, and Safety

Deadline 02/23/17

Grants averaging $5,000 to $6,000 to Alabama nonprofit organizations and government agencies for firearms and shooting sports awareness and safety. Funding is intended to promote and encourage the use of and education about firearms, whether in hunting or shooting sportGrantWatch ID#: 177229


Fellowships to Alabama Individual Artists for Crafts, Media, Visual Arts, and Design

Deadline 03/01/17

Fellowships of $5,000 to Alabama individual artists for career advancement in the disciplines of crafts, media and photography, design, and visual arts. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact program staff prior to applying. Decisions will be made according to thGrantWatch ID#: 177549


Grants to USA and International Initiatives that Promote Awareness for Human Welfare Issues

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA and International initiatives that promote outreach and awareness of poverty, health issues, and food insecurity around the world. The Fund seeks to make investments to assist the public and policy-makers in addressing these critical human welfare issues. GrantWatch ID#: 151506


Grants to USA Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to Improve Justice for Gender-Based As...

Deadline 03/02/17

Grants to USA government agencies, tribal government, and law enforcement agencies to address the backlog of sexual assault kits. The goal of this program is to help state and local law enforcement jurisdictions better respond to violence crime and enhance criminal justGrantWatch ID#: 153228


Grants to USA School Libraries in Multiple States to Recover from Natural Disasters

Deadline Ongoing

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 to USA public school libraries in multiple states that have been affected by a natural disaster. Funding is available to help libraries in PreK-12 schools replace and restore collections, equipment, and media. In addition to the reGrantWatch ID#: 162395


Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Address Low-Income Housing Health Risks

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and government agencies to improve community health and well-being by addressing risks associated with low-income housing. Primary emphasis is placed on improving health equity for individuals residing in low-income neighborhoods, aGrantWatch ID#: 165295


Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Southern States to Host Performing Arts Events

Deadline 03/08/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee nonprofit organizations and government agencies to host performing arts events. Applicants are encouraged to contact prograGrantWatch ID#: 166033

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